Freshly milled Stoneground Flour

November 18, 2012

Stoneground flour looses some of its nutritional value during storage.
We decided to purchase a mill and use freshly stoneground grains
for all our recepies that include stoneground, wholemeal flour.
We have also been asked if we could sell the grains freshly milled for home-baking,
so that's just what we are going to do.


Little big update

July 28, 2012
- The Bread Shed
at the Faversham Town Market
is now selling a selection of our loaves every Friday and Saturday.
They also offer some freshly cooked pastries and other baked goods from a different producer.


Well, I haven't been updating this for a while as there are loads of things happening around
 Slow Bread.

- We do loads more variety including the now all so famous
White Rustic and 4-seed Rustic made with a little bit of yeast and then left over night to rest and ferment.
Nettle Sourdough,...

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April 13, 2011

Hello, I am happy to announce that the Solar System is very efficient and working well.
I feel easy saying it probably will work good enough in the winter....let' see.

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Solar powered office !!

February 17, 2011
We have all the gadgets together and once the office is moved into new prermises we should be up and running.


-Low consuming 12V ITX mini desktop Computer (FANLESS)

160 watts MAX Solar panels
12v 160ah battery
Solar charge controller

That should be all we need....I will keep posting how efficent this is and if we will be running our office off the grid.

Please let us know what you think.

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Winter break 9th till 26th

January 6, 2011

We will be away for a winter break from the 9th until the 27th of January
you can still get some freshly baked Farmhouse loaves at Windy Corner Stores and also some defrosted Rye or Sunflower Seed loaves.

The Cheese Box will also have the Rye bread available for you.

Many thanks for your support last year and a very happy new year to everyone.

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Windy Corner Stores & Cafe

March 20, 2010
Have a look at the pastries and breads I bake for the store at the seaside.
Enjoy a match of tennis and have a good coffee, snack or meal afterwards.....
All pastries, sausage rolls, pain au chocolat etc. are hand made
with organic flour and org. pure butter (of course no artificial ingredients).
The bread range includes white and brown farmhouse loaves made with a sourdough and yeast.
They are perfect for a delicious, light sandwich.

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Slow Bread interview in "yourcanterbury" Newspaper

February 11, 2010

I was happy to answer a view questions about my bread.

Please follow the link which should lead you to the 10th of February's issue of "yourcanterbury" and flip to page 12 to read it.

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Organic certification

January 27, 2010
Due to a public interest about the certification of my products to be organic, I found out that legaly I'm not allowed to call my bread organic until I'm certified with an officially recognized organasation.

So I just call it natural, to be out of trouble, until I finished the certification process with the
 Soil Association.
Please feel free to contact me about this issue at anytime.

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Cafe range available at Windy Corner Stores & Cafe

January 19, 2010

Tony gave me the opportunity to develop a Cafe products range.
So from now on you can enjoy
 Croissants, Pain au Chocolate and other sweet or savoury treats* at the

Windy Corner Stores & Cafe
110 Nelson Road
tel.: 01227272955

of course you can order them with your
free, local, daily bread delivery
or as an addition to your shop too.
*please note that the pastry is made with yeast, organic butter, organic flour, seasalt, and sugar only. No aids or additives.


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November 23, 2009

as Christmas is coming closer
I'm baking Christ-Stollen, the german version of Christmas Cake.
The texture is a bit lighter, and I'm putting a good mix of spices in.
They're available now. Orders can be placed by phone or email.
You are welcome to see me at the Whitstable Farmers Market for a taste.

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