Freshly Stoneground Flour is now used,

milled with our own little stone mill in the bakery 











...and more seasonal, speciality bread.

my name is Tobi,
I'm a German baker living in Whitstable,
I was baking bread for myself and started a business
because of the demand and lots of local support.
Since the start I increased the bread range
to a nice selection from plain white
to seeded variaties and a dark rye.
 I have plans to let my knowledge flow
further into the selection.
I always liked cooking and baking,
 therefore I did an apprenticeship
 in the bakers trade in Germany.
I chose an organic bakery using traditional methods.
They did everything you could ask of a bakery
from lemon cakes to pretzels.

All breads include organic ingredients only
 and they are made exclusively with baking ferment,
a special type of sourdough but milder in taste
to give these loaves their well developed taste
 and a good structure to cut into slices
 for a tasty breakfast or sandwich.
My personal recommendation would be butter
and some good cheese, but sweet toppings are delicious too!
The ferment is made over night, by using a starter
 from the batch before, flour and water. Some of the ferment
 is put aside to use as the starter for the next batch.
Then sea salt, flour, additional ingredients and water
are added to form the dough which will rest and rise
until a loaf is formed. After another period of rest
these loaves will be baked.
This long procedure gives the flour
the ability  to be well soaked in water and actually being
partly pre-split into its constituents for a better
 assimilation during the digestion process.
It also develops lactic and acetic acids during the fermentation
which are responsible for the taste and smell.
There is also a small amount of alcohol produced,
that you are familiar with in beer-making
(it evaporates during baking).
Last but not least, there is a production of wild yeast
that makes the bread rise.
Any seeds added are soaked over night
to start the sprouting process for more nutritional value.
Grains are soaked over night, rinsed and left until sprouted.
For the whole bread range I use organic
(soil association certified UK5) flour and do not add yeast.

Slow Bread - Tobias Schwenn
w w w . s l o w - b r e a d . c o m